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Pending the election of a Labour councillor for Newnham, Katie Thornburrow – a local architect, Labour councillor for neighbouring Trumpington ward and lead city councillor for open spaces – undertakes to help look after Newnham’s green spaces and to take up any local concerns raised with her. “I can’t always know everything that is going on in every part of the city but I invite anyone in Newnham with particular issues or queries to raise them with me, via Joe Beastall, Newnham’s excellent Labour campaigner.”

Katie made her pledge during a recent talk to Newnham branch Labour Party. In which she underlined the importance of the “green” agenda.

She said that local people often know best what their area needs and that it was heartening to hear that community-minded Newnham residents were forming “Friends of” groups around important green spaces, such as Paradise Nature Reserve.