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Lots of people have been asking about Cambridge Labour‘s plans for development in and around the city.

We have some really ambitious pledges in this area to make sure new houses are built to extremely high standards of sustainability. We’re doing our best to meet housing needs while responding to the climate and biodiversity crises.

First, we will insist that no development will take place within the new draft Local Plan without clear assurances from water companies that there is a truly sustainable water supply.

We are pledging to ensure that the next Local Plan includes a requirement that no development uses gas connections and that the total energy demand for heating/cooling in all new buildings must be equivalent to Passivhaus standards of 15-20 kWh/m2/yr. And we will include a requirement in the Local Plan that developments should generate as much renewable energy as they use over the year.

We also pledge to deliver a Local Plan that requires new developments of over 150 homes or of 1000m2 or more to calculate a whole life costing and demonstrate clear actions to reduce emissions, including in their construction. These larger developments will also have to meet rigorous water efficiency requirements, which state that homes should achieve 80 litres/person/day.

We will reinforce the importance of nature in new housing builds. All new homes will have bird boxes, 25% of new homes will be required to have bat boxes, and fences in all new homes will need to include gaps to allow hedgehogs and other species access.

And we’ll continue progress on our scheme to retrofit our council housing stock, and commit to delivering Passivhaus and net zero carbon housing schemes wherever possible, lobbying Government for more funding as part of the Great Homes Upgrade campaign.

You can read the full Cambridge Labour manifesto here.