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Hollie is running for the City Council. Here’s her candidate statement.

I’m Hollie, a final-year student here in Cambridge and I’m standing for election to the City Council in Newnham ward. I’m originally from Swansea, South Wales, but have lived in Cambridge studying for the past three years. I was the Youth Rep in my home CLP of Swansea East, and was involved with local anti-homelessness charity Shelter Cymru.

As a former Co-Chair of Cambridge University Labour Club in 2020, I have spent lots of time canvassing, leafletting, and general involved with organising for both the 2019 local elections and the general in December.

Growing up in an area with a strong Labour government and Labour-run council, I saw the difference Labour policies and values can make to families like mine. I strongly align myself with the values of equality and opportunity and am delighted to see that embodied in the current Labour Party and Cambridge City Council.

I’m particularly interested in transport policy and general accessibility to public transport. Canvassing in Cambridge, I noticed this is something people here are also concerned about – maintaining and expanding the vast bus networks we have here in the city, and making them more accessible for all.

I love being able to see tangible differences in our community with the achievements of local councils – something that national politics doesn’t have. The ability to be in close communication and relations with your constituents to deliver real, local change is something that is deeply rewarding.

I have been particularly impressed by the Labour-run City Council winning a ‘Transforming Lives’ award for its work in tackling homelessness through the Cambridge Street Aid scheme. It has proven itself dedicated to fighting entrenched inequalities in the city and remains focussed on solution-oriented work in combatting rough sleeping in Cambridge.