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We believe that citywide changes are essential if we are to resolve peak-time congestion in Cambridge while protecting the historic centre.

We need to encourage the use of buses, rail and bikes and to tackle traffic flow from nearby towns and villages where many Cambridge workers live.

Our outline 7 point plan is to:

1. Introduce measures to reduce traffic in the city centre and restrict traffic on the inner ring road at peak-times
2. Control the flow of incoming cars and lorries using smart traffic signalling at key intersections from the city boundaries inwards
3. Provide high quality segregated cycleways with pedestrian and cyclist friendly junctions
4. Control ‘free’ parking for commuters in our residential areas; control parking for city centre workers and integrate city and county council parking management
5. Invest in Park and Ride – especially closer to where people live, such as near Cambourne, Northstowe and Waterbeach – and new Park and Cycle sites on Barton Road and in NW Cambridge. End the county council’s Park and Ride charges.
6. Press bus companies to provide services around the ring road, express buses from towns and villages, and smart contactless ticketing.
7. Support major rail investment, building on the delivery of Cambridge North station with a new station at Addenbrooke’s, a station to serve Cherry Hinton and Fulbourn and completion of the railway line to Oxford

……. and in Newnham, we believe that:
1. Trees and grass verges are important to maintain Newnham’s residential character
2. Road space can be saved by restricting parking on arterial roads and avoiding paired bus lanes
3. Single tidal flow bus lanes, used in one direction in the morning and the other in the evening, should be used sparingly where they can be shown to improve traffic flow
4. The City Deal should consult with residents on parking options in the ward