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The Labour MP for Bassetlaw, John Mann, has written to Julian Huppert demanding an apology after the Cambridge MP misrepresented his views in a letter to students.  Huppert wrote to students over Christmas regarding ‘unjust’ Government policy, and then went on to mention the Labour MP saying, “Labour MP John Mann suggested that there should be “no benefits for anyone until they have paid national insurance for two years”, condemning many young people to being homeless.”

John Mann MP commented: “I have written to Julian Huppert demanding that he apologise for completely misrepresenting my views to students. He is referencing an article I wrote last May on UKIP in which I mentioned proposals regarding European work permits and benefits – the sentence he quotes refers to a specific immigration measure which out of context is completely misleading.”

“My actual proposals regarding young people are very different, and were made public last year. I have also tabled a parliamentary resolution on them, calling for 16-18 year olds in education or training to be given two years’ worth of National Insurance credits.”

“I cannot help but notice that Julian Huppert has failed to add his signature to the resolution. Perhaps it is no surprise, given that his party has utterly betrayed young people in education.  Huppert’s hypocrisy is staggering; he must be one of the most hypocritical MPs in Parliament.  I’m astonished that he has the gall to mention homelessness when homelessness has risen by 34% under the Coalition Government.”

“This is a Liberal Democrat MP who barely ever rebels against the Coalition. He makes long-winded speeches and grand statements, but cowardly supports this Government’s agenda. He didn’t even bother to turn up to the vote to exempt disabled people from the bedroom tax – but then accuses me of condemning young people to homelessness.”

“I am now waiting for a full apology and for Huppert to correct the record. Students in Cambridge should not be misled by a desperate MP.”

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