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Labour fully understands why the local community has voted in favour of a residents’ parking scheme in Newnham. However, we must now ensure that, in implementing the scheme, the Tory-led county council  and our Lib Dem county councillor remain sensitive to the needs of the whole community.

Mike Davey, our city council candidate is keeping the pressure on the county council to ensure that:

  • The number of double yellow lines is limited to allow sufficient parking spaces for residents, shop workers and their customers.
  • Time allowed for parking in limited waiting bays matches the residents’ parking restriction period -11am to 2pm.
  • Shop employees are allowed similar parking status to residents.
  • Signage is carefully and sensitively planned, taking advice from the city council’s conservation team.

Mike says, “Let’s work together to improve our community, whilst safeguarding local jobs and businesses and maintaining Newnham’s special feel and look.”