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Last Wednesday at a well attended public meeting held in St Mark’s Community Centre, Councillor Lewis Herbert, Labour Leader of Cambridge City Council and Chair of the City Deal Executive Board, updated local residents about current transport and strategic planning issues affecting Newnham. After summarising the overall strategic plan for the city, he explained in more detail those plans that will affect Newnham. He mentioned when there would be further consultation as these plans are developed and then spent some time answering residents’ questions.

There was a wide ranging discussion, which included the possible future introduction of a residents’ parking scheme. At present, neighbourhoods are required to demonstrate a majority vote in favour of residents’ parking with a 40% turnout requirement and, until recently, there has not been sufficient support for the idea in Newnham to achieve this. However, it is likely that this “double bar” requirement will be relaxed in the next few months. Councillor Herbert undertook to assist any residents wanting to making an application for residents’ parking once they feel that the majority of local opinion supports the idea.