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MTVH, the housing association that owns the properties at Lammas Field, Newnham, has been forced to u-turn on its tripling of maintenance charges for residents following pressure from residents and your local Labour team. City Council candidate Cameron Holloway, City Councillor Niamh Sweeney, and MP Daniel Zeichner had written to MTVH in support of residents, who had been hit with the cost hike without notice or explanation.

Metropolitan had temporarily tripled the monthly charge for maintaining footpaths, the nearby car park and other facilities from ~£10 to ~£30 – a rise of 200%, or 32 times the current rate of inflation of 6.2%. They have now issued a statement apologising for making an error with the charges.

Cameron Holloway, Labour’s candidate for Newnham ward in the forthcoming City Council elections, added:

“I’m very glad that MTVH have done the right thing and reversed this decision. I’ve spent time speaking with a number of residents at Lammas Field to better understand this issue, and I know it has caused a lot of anger and distress.”

“At a time when bills are going up for everyone, the lack of transparency from MTVH was inexcusable.”

“I look forward to continuing to work closely with residents at Lammas Field and across Newnham to make sure they are getting a fair deal, and to provide support as the cost of living rises.”