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Climate action, the Real Living Wage, adequate street lighting, bike parking and the safety of cyclists on the city’s roads are just some of the issues that students tell us they worry about. Bike parking is the responsibility of the city council whilst cycling safety and street lighting are the responsibility of the County Council.  To ensure that these and all students’ other concerns are brought to the attention of local councillors, students need to vote in local elections.

Why should students vote in local elections?

  • Many of the local council’s activities matter to students — cycling facilities, street lighting and free Wi-Fi in public areas, to name just a few.
  • Tackling major, universal issues, such as the climate and biodiversity crises, or inequality in all its forms , is a process which starts at a local level. If you want to make a difference on big issues, you should start by having your say in local elections.
  • Over 50% of voters in Newnham are students, so students’ views should be represented on local councils. Although you may be in Cambridge for only a short time, your vote matters for students coming after you.
  • If students voted more frequently in local elections, their councillors would pay more attention to their needs and — for example — the planning authorities might have thought to provide a local food store nearer to the graduate accommodation on the West Cambridge Site.
  • This is an opportunity to send a message to the Conservative government if you are concerned about the way in which it is damaging the NHS, social housing, care of the vulnerable elderly, our universities and schools, and has taken us out of the European Union.

Are you eligible to vote?

Local elections take place in May each year and you may well be entitled to vote.

  • If you are a UK, Irish, EU or Commonwealth citizen you are eligible to vote.
  • If you are a UK citizen, you are entitled to vote BOTH at your home address and at your university address.

Are you registered to vote?

You can register to vote online here: