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Newnham’s Labour Councillor, Cameron Holloway, is working with councillor colleagues, council officers and residents to set up a Private Renters’ Forum. This aims to give private tenants a voice in decisions made by the City Council that affect the private rented sector, as well as providing an opportunity for tenants to receive advice and support.

In October 2022, Cameron proposed a motion committing the City Council to setting up a Private Renters’ Forum. Over the past year, he has been part of a small working group of council officers, councillors, and stakeholders in the private rented sector who have developed plans for the Forum. Its first meeting will take place at 2pm on Saturday 21 October in Cambridge Fire Station’s Community Room. 

Cameron commented,

‘Cambridge has a growing private rented sector, with an estimated 42% of accommodation in the city privately rented. But, in a highly competitive and poorly regulated market, many tenants face very high rents, poor living conditions, overcrowding, and, in some cases, even no-fault evictions.

‘These aren’t easy problems to solve, but we hope that, through the Private Renters’ Forum, we can come to better understand the issues facing private renters, and make sure that we are engaging effectively with residents to resolve them.’