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In City Council Elections over the last two years, Labour has won significantly more votes than any other party.

Last year, Labour won 43% of the vote compared with 26% for the Lib Dems and 15% for the Conservatives.

In contrast, the County Council is dominated by Conservatives and does not reflect the political makeup of our city.

The County Council makes vital decisions affecting many aspects of life in the city, including education, other services for children and young people, adult social care, roads, transport, the environment, libraries and the fire service. As things stand, these decisions, crucial to the city residents, are being taken by a collection of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, despite the clearly stated preference of Cambridge residents for Labour. In May, you will have your only opportunity in four years to increase Labour’s representation on the County Council and ensure that the view of city residents are better represented at county level.

Vote for Peter Sarris and ensure that the views of city residents are better represented on Cambridgeshire County Council.

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